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Many people want to offer their guests a nice draught pint but just do not have the facilities to do so. We here at Mobile Bar Hire can offer a wide range of large and small kegs to suit all types of events.

Our large kegs range Keg Hire Information from Guinness to Grolsch and hold approximatley 88 pints. These kegs can be delivered throughout the UK at a time and place to suit you. These large kegs can be hired out with our Party Draft Beer Unit - one of the best way to dispense your beer in any venue. The system is a 1.5m long bar counter capable of housing 2 kegs at any one time. It chills them down to the perfect temperature and then has two dispense taps to ensure your guests are not kept waiting.

Alternatively, our small beer kegs hold approximately 10 pints and are perfect for any event such as a small business or a house party. The small beer kegs are designed to be used hand in hand with the Perfect Draft Machine - made by Phillips it is a beautiful piece of equipment that has an LED display on the front which shows lets you know how what temperature your beer is currently being chilled to, the volume left in the keg and how many days of freshness are left.

There are a range of kegs for the Perfect Draft Machine including lagers, Belgian abbey beers, wheat beers and fruit beers.

Mobile Bar Hire have a large array of kegs and dispensers available for any size party or budget so for more keg hire information, please contact our office.








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