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We can offer a massive range of mobile bars from compact bars ideal for smaller venues to fully kitted out bars which you'd never guess were assembled on site just an hour prior to the event. If you'd like some more information about the kinds of bars we can provide why not contact us or get a quote today.

Listed below are some images and information on some of our range of bar counters avaiable for hire throughout London, Kent, Surey and Essex counties. Our bar counters are generally in 1 meter sections and are manufactured to a very high standard. These bar counters are available with LED lighting panels in various diferent colours or as plain fronted bar counters in a range of different colours.

Branded Bar Hire London

Personalised Bar Counter Hire (Left)

This style of bar counter allows you to brand the front of the bar counter with you logo or branding of your product.

This design of bar counter is particularly popular for exhibitions and trade shows.

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Basic Counter Hire (Right)

This image shows one of our black bar counters. We have a vast range of bar counters available in various designs for events, please click on the image for more information on the bar counters we have available. In this section we can offer you Black bar counters, White bar counters, Wooden bar counter hire are much, much more...

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Basic Bar Hire

Backlit Bar Hire

Backlit Mobile Bar Hire (Left)

This image shows one of our LED backlit bar counter range. This style of bar counter is also in 1 meter sections and the lighting can be set to your required taste. These bar counters are also very easy to assemble and can be used for indoor and outdoor Mobile Bar Hire in Kent, London, Surrey and Essex.

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Island Bar Counter Hire - 6m Diameter (Right)

Our Circular or Island bar counters are stunning at any event. These counters are designed for cocktails and also draught beer bars. In addition to drinks, our bar counters are also used as exhibition and reception counters for a vast range of events.

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6 meter diameter circular LED bar

Circular Mobile Bar Hire

Island Bar Counter Hire - 4m Diameter (Left)

Mobile Bar Co's circular 4 metre diameter colour changing LED bar is one of our most popular cocktail counters. Suitable for both private and corporate events, this portable bar can be set in any venue and has the option of branding available.

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Rustic Bar Hire

Our Rustic Mobile Bar Hire is becoming increasingly popular with a range of events including vintage weddings and contemporary corporate functions. A fully functional portable bar, this rustic counter can serve cocktails, draught beer and more.

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Vintage Mobile Bar Hire

LED Bar Hire

LED Bar Counter Hire (left)

This image shows one of our LED cocktail Bar Counters at a corporate event. This style of LED bar is also available as a draught beer bar. It has plenty of storage space and is designed to be used in a range of different LED lighting settings.

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Additional hospitality and Mobile Bar Hire information is listed below which may help you :-


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