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Richmond is a town located in the south-west region of London. Richmond is home to many great attractions and beautiful places. A place to see is Richmond Park, a massive landscape brimming with nature. A great many venues can be found in and around Richmond with event organisers taking advantage of the unique locations. Mobile Bar Hire Richmond has conspired with many clients to produces succesfull events where event goers have enjoyed the festivities being held. Delivering excellent service, Mobile Bar Hire Richmond aims to provide clients with essentials to make an event something to enjoy and remember. Mobile Bar Hire Richmond

The portable bars that we are able to provide come in many forms, due to our grand collection we are able to contribute any type of event with a bar that will compliment the theme and subject. Our collection ranges from Ice bars, LED bars, Tiki bars, Chesterfield bars, and Rustic bars. Each bar has been designed and constructed by our talented designers and crafstmen from our workshop. At Mobile Bar Hire Richmond are also able to provide the services of delivering the bar, as also composing the bar. And after yor event has ran its duration we are happy to dismantle and collect the portable bar from your venue.

Other services that can also be provided through our Mobile Bar Hire Richmond service are that of staffing. The staff that we offer come in three categories. The first category that is available for you to hire is the bartender, this person is able to provide you and your guest with drinks such as spirits, wines, beers, soft drinks, and champagne. The Cocktail Flairer is skilled in the art of showmanship, they are able to create drinks in a charismatic way using tricks and unique manouveres to charm anybody watching. And finally the Cocktail Mixologists, a person who has been trained to create any cocktail that you request. They are able to produce you a drink with exquisite taste that will satisfy you thirst and make you want more.

Mobile Bar Hire Richmond packages also include a wide variety of bar equipment in the form of back bars, fridges, optics and draught beer taps to ensure the smooth running of your portable bar hire.

For any questions regarding Mobile Bar Hire Richmond please feel free to contact us and we shall be more than happy to answer any queries that you may have.


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