Mobile Bar Hire Bromley

Bromley is a London Borough located south of the river Thames. Bromley is also known for the Chislehurst Caves, which is man-made and was used during both the World Wars – a great place for culture in the borough of Bromley would be the Churchill Theatre. Even though Bromley is not too well known for its nightlife, it is in fact an area with a great history of top quality events including weddings, corporate bashes and birthday parties. Mobile Bar Hire Bromley has helped many clients by providing them with our excellent services, each client left being more than satisfied with us.

Here at Mobile Bar Hire Bromley, we own a magnificent assortment of portable bars, all of them designed to suit different types of events, such as; Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Bachelor parties, Bachelorette Parties and many more. Our collection range from Ice bars, Tiki bars, Chesterfield bars, Island bars and that is to only name a few. Each bar was constructed by our very own designers and craftsperson. Delivery and set up of the bar can also be arranged, and also the disassemble and collection of it after the event has run its duration.

Mobile Bar Hire Bromley is also able to contribute staff for your event. The staff come in the tier of bartenders – each bartender is trained to develop and practice a high level of excellent hygiene and customer service. The bartenders that we are able to contribute are sorted into three types. The simple bartender is able to provide event goers with beers, spirits, wines, soft drinks, and champagne.

The Cocktail Mixologist is able to produce and provide your guests with a wide range of cocktails, they are trained to memorise and create any drink that comes to mind, they use their intelligence and charisma to produce a beverage that will have an exquisite taste.

The Cocktail Flairer has the skill of showmanship, they are able to display tricks and manoeuvre bottles in impossible ways to make the audience adore them, as also the added bonus of producing a beverage with a tasty quality.

Mobile Bar Bromley can provide the ingredients for the cocktails as also equipment if need be, the equipment can be draft beer taps, fridges and bar runners. Furthermore, we are able to provide your event a reduced price on beers, cider and craft kegs.

For any enquiries regarding Mobile Bar Hire Bromley, please feel free to contact us and we shall answer any questions that you may have.