Mobile Bar Hire Canterbury

The Cathedral City of Canterbury is an iconic location in the South East of England. With stunning features including Canterbury Cathedral and the city wall. The area is well known for its diverse nature with old meeting new throughout the area. Which is showcased in its variety of venues such as the Marlowe Theatre and the Winter Barns.

No event is out of place in Canterbury with both private and corporate functions being held in the city every day. Due to many taking advantage of our Mobile Bar Hire Canterbury service to enhance their drinks provisioning service. By allowing Mobile Bar Hire Canterbury to transform your drinks services. Furthermore Your guests will experience a unique event and will be kept with a drink in hand.

When looking at which portable bar provider to choose. It is imperative that they have a bar counter which suits you as a person, your theme and your budget. At Mobile Bar Hire Canterbury, we have an extensive portfolio of bar counters. Including basic budget bars, rustic bars, tiki bars, LED bars and ice bars.

No matter what bar you decide suits your function, it will be a well finished, easy to the eye addition to your venue. Bar front branding is another aspect of Mobile Bar Hire Canterbury. Which has secured our position as one of the top portable bar providers in Kent. Whether it be the name of the happy couple at a wedding or a new brand logo at a product launch.

Mobile Bar Hire’s in-house team of designers will provide you with a graphic to remember.

What we provide

With Mobile Bar Hire Canterbury, you will not only be receiving a top quality bar but a five-star drinks package. We can provide draught beers, wines, spirits and soft drinks as well as a range of cocktails. Your preference is key which is why we have an extensive range of drinks for you to choose from. Including premium lagers, ciders, ales and craft beers on draught.

Staff are an essential area of Mobile Bar Hire Canterbury to keep the pressure off you and allow you to enjoy. Our bartenders will keep your guests entertained, chatting and with a drink in hand. Whether you are looking for a basic bartender or cocktail mixologist, Mobile Bar Hire will have the professionals.

For more information on Mobile Bar Hire Canterbury, please contact a member of our customer service team today.