Mobile Bar Hire Central London

Central London has many places to go and sights to see, its home to attractions such as The London Eye and The London Dungeons. Central London also produces favourable pubs such as The Grenadier, The Harp and The French House. Mobile Bar Hire Central London has collaborated with many clients to produce amazing events where many have enjoyed the festivities held. Mobile Bar Hire Central London aspires to establish extraordinary service to contribute to the happiness of customers.

Mobile Bar Hire Central London produces bars of great quality, each one being hand crafted to suit different types of events so that the theme is consistent to the favour of the customer. There exists a far reaching selection of bars to complement each individual occasion, for example; Island Bars, LED bars, Tiki bars, and Chesterfield bars. We also deliver and assemble the bars so that you as the customer will not need to waste your time and energy.

To add to our bar service, we also provide staff, equipment and drinks. Our staff come in two forms of bartenders and waitresses, each staff member is trained to a high quality of service and hygiene control. The bartenders provided come in the forms of a simple bartender, this is someone who just serves beers, soft drinks, wines and spirits. Another form is a flairer, a bartender who showcases tricks whilst supplying beverages, they are accompanied by a contagious high energy which will infect the crowd and party goers as they sip on their cocktails. The last type of bartender is the cocktail mixologist, this type of bartender is equipped with a high I.Q of cocktails and are able to create the most impeccable drinks with an exquisite taste.

Ingredients for cocktails can be contributed by Mobile Bar Hire Central London, as also organising lager, cider and craft kegs for reduced prices. Bar equipment is a crucial factor to the event, we provide this to relieve the weight on your shoulders, so that you as the entertainer are able to relax and appreciate the festivities. Bar equipment ranges from draught beer taps to bar mats and tidies

For more information on Mobile Bar Hire Central London, please contact us for any enquires as we are very happy to answer any questions that you may have.