Circular Mobile Bar Hire

Perks of Circular Mobile Bar Hire?

Circular Mobile Bar Hire is a very rare and unique touch to add to an event anywhere within the UK. Mobile Bar Co’s circular bar hire has a six meter diameter and is fully colour changing and wireless. This ensures that no matter the venue, changing of the lighting of the LED circular bar hire is possible or have it on a continuous colour changing loop.

Can’t fit the full circle into the venue?

Mobile Bar Co can supply half of the circular bar hire to produce  a semi circle bar hire. One can’t go wrong with semi circular bar hire as it can be set up anywhere within the venue and will look great in any theme due to its colour changing nature.

What drinks are available with a Circular Mobile Bar Hire?

Each bar can be supplied with a large selection of branded drinks including draught beer, wines and spirits as well as soft drinks and mixers. A cocktail service is also available but would require a cocktail mixologist or flairer. Options of Various draught beer is also available.

For more information on Mobile Bar Co’s Circular Mobile Bar Hire, please contact a member of the customer service team.