Cocktail Bar Staff Hire

Here at Mobile Bar Hire we have a great team who work with us. Our most popular staff hire services is our  Cocktail Bar Staff Hire! We have two different type of cocktail staff; we have cocktail mixologists who can mix all your favourite cocktails as well as come up with bespoke creations as well as cocktail flairers who can entertain your guests by performing tricks with the bottles of alcohol and the bar equipment.

To go with our amazing Cocktail Bar Staff Hire we can provide you with a number of different bars such as our Straight LED Bars, Curved LED Bars and Backlit LED Bars which are all colour changing and can be branded with a name, logo or anything else that represents you or your company. Our Backlit Strip Bar is also another ideal portable bar counter to serve cocktails from. Our circular bar counters can ensure a centrepiece for your event and a focal point for your guests. All of these bars are perfect for both corporate and private events such as team building, birthdays, anniversaries and can come with ice wells and speed rails for ease of use.

There are three different ways that you can make the most of our Mobile Bar Hire services. We can provide you with our Dry Bar Hire service which includes the bar, cocktail bar staff hire and equipment but does not include our drinks – allowing you the freedom to choose which beverages you would like available. Our Free Bar Hire service means that you are entitled to our full service (drinks service, bar service, equipment service and bar staff service) but all drinks are paid in advance by you, meaning that your guests will get there drinks free. Lastly our Cash Bar Hire means that you will get the full service and all your guests will pay for their drinks over the bar.

We at Mobile Bar Hire know that planning an event can be a very stressful experience and we would like to help as much as we possibly can and that is why we have our Drinks Hire service and our Bar Equipment Hire service to add to our Cocktail Bar Staff Hire package. These two services will give you the finishing touch and makes sure your bar looks professional and will have your guests talking for years to come.

For more information on our Cocktail Bar Staff Hire service, get in touch and we will be happy to help.