Cocktail Team Building Masterclass Ashford

Ashford is a beautiful area in the county of Kent. In 2005 it was voted the fourth best place to live in the United Kingdom and has a long history of being an area which has a thriving business model. One of the largest industries in Ashford is its agricultural market which is pivotal to Britain today and is home to part of the High Speed 1 railway line. To keep this borough thriving in industry and business, each team ofemployees must be bonded well and very good at working as a team – that is why Mobile Bar Hire are pleased to offer Cocktail Team Building Masterclasses for Ashford!

Mobile Bar Hire have fully trained cocktail mixologists who are great teachers and have a very positive attitude towards the goals of the day but to ensure your workers still have a great time! These cocktail team building masterclasses will take place in Mobile Bar Hire’s offices in Crayford, Kent although can be carried out in Ashford at an additional charge. The room being used for these sessions have been tailored made to allow in plenty of natural light and more than sufficient room to house around 20 meters of bar counter.

Once you and your team arrive at our offices, which have ample parking and a train station in a 10 minute walking distance, you will be welcomed by our team and given an opportunity for the manager to speak to the team explaining what he wants his team to take from the day etc. Then Mobile Bar Co takes over and explains a brief history of the famous drink that is the cocktail. Once this is done, the aspect of team working and cooperation towards a mutual goal comes into play as your staff are split into pairs and show to their very own meter of bar counter and given demonstrations of how to make some of the most popular cocktails.

Once this has been achieved, your employees will be placed into competition with other pairs to see who can make the most cocktails in a minute, who can work together to create the best tasting cocktail etc. All of these activities allow for a close working relationship towards one mutual goal. There will be a teamed quiz of all the information that has been given to your employees over the session which again just enforces the idea f how teamwork leads to better results.

A buffet will be laid on throughout and prices start from just 25 + vat per head (min 15 people) and each employee can make and drink approximately 5 cocktails each. For more information, please contact a member of Mobile Bar Hire.