Cocktail Team Building Masterclass Bexley Kent

Bexley is a historic part of Kent, full of local businesses and employees. Anyone involved in business understands that it is a marvellous adventure with many ups and downs along the way. One thing that can ensure that your time in your industry is successful and worthwhile is a well bonded team of employees that can work together to produce a great set of results. Mobile Bar Co believes there is one unique way in which team can build together and that is cocktail team building for businesses in Bexley.

These cocktail sessions will take place in our Crayford, Kent offices which have great transport links from London and the surrounding areas as well as a large amount of parking facilities for those who would like to drive and perhaps not drink the cocktails. The room caters for up to 40 people in any one session, so feel free to bring your entire workforce along with you!

Once you arrive, you can take some time to have a serious meeting with your workforce to go through the goals of the day as well as other business related topics. Then the fun can really begin with your team not even realising that they are bonding as a unit! The session will begin with a brief talk on the history of the famous cocktail by our knowledgeable cocktail staff, this will then be followed by demonstrations on how to make different types of cocktails such as a Cosmopolitan and a Mojito. Then it is your staffs turn to mix their own drinks!

Throughout this interactive part of the exercise, there will be plenty of competitions for your employees to take part in including who can create the best new cocktail, which team can make the most cocktails in an allotted time, who can use the shaker the best and more! These competitions are designed to get your team working towards a goal together and getting results. This team work and mutual satisfaction when a goal is reached will be transferred to your workplace as your team will want to gain the same again.

This will be followed by a quiz into which your teams will be tested on the knowledge of what they have learnt during the session, the team who win will receive a prize and the whole group will receive a certificate that they have completed the cocktail master class!
With prices ranging from just 25 per person + vat, which includes a buffet, the mixologist, the cocktail ingredients, glassware, certificate, approximately 5 cocktails to drink and more, this is a team building exercise that you do not want to miss out on!
For more information, please contact a member of our staff.