Mobile Bar Hire Croydon

Croydon is a grand town located in the southern section of London. It hosts many sights to see and locations to visit. In Croydon stands the Ashcroft Theatre, Croydon Clock Tower, Fairfield Halls and the gorgeous Addington Palace. All great venues for events. Mobile Bar Hire Croydon has engaged in the creation of many functions.

Establishing our Portable Bar Hire Croydon services to every client. We aim of keeping the high standard for everything that we do and participate in. Portable Bar Hire Croydon has a vast selection of mobile bars to choose from. Our mobile bars range from LED bars and Island bars to Chesterfield bars and Tiki bars.

It won’t be hard for you as the customer to make a choice as each is designed to fit in with any venue. The portable bar is a superb asset to any event, and our mobile bars will suit any function. Such as; weddings, bachelor or bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations, sports parties and many more.

Bar staff

Our bars are accompanied by staff to help the event go smoothly. Mobile Bar Hire Croydon staff consist of bartenders, cocktail mixologists and flairers.

The bartenders are ideal for serving beers, wines, spirits and soft drinks. The cocktail mixologists brings along his grand knowledge of cocktails. Being able to create a beverage to precision each time, they will make you adore them.

A cocktail flairer produces their drink with a show, being able to showcase tricks and manoeuvres. For your entertainment and the ending result will be a delectable cocktail. Portable Bar Hire Croydon are also able to provide you with bar equipment: ice wells, speed rails and sundries. We further provide the ingredients for cocktails so that there is less work for you to do.

In addition to everything, we are also able to produce you with lager, cider and craft beer kegs.

For more information on Portable Bar Hire Croydon, please contact our sales team.