Exhibition Bar Counter Hire

Exhibition Bar Counter Hire

Exhibitions can be a great time for any business as it is a chance to get your product known and into the minds of potential clients and customers. However, Mobile Bar Hire understands just how difficult it can be to not be overshadowed by the hundreds of other exhibitors that will be attending the same event. Many different companies go about standing out in different ways – from huge signs and demonstrations to Exhibition Bar Counter Hireshouting for all of the guests to hear. But Mobile Bar Hire think completely differently and know that there is one way that is difficult for anybody to just walk pass and ignore – an exhibition bar counter.

Why hire an exhibition bar counter?
Mobile Bar Hire’s exhibition bar counters for hire come with branding. We all know that if each meter section has your logo on then people will recognise it, or if they don’t know it they will start to recognise it! This branding will be supplied by you and then Mobile Bar Hire will ensure it is the correct size and send it to print. The strip lighting behind the advertising will illuminate your logo or company name or product for all to see! But the enticements to visit your stand do not finish there. Our exhibition bar counters can be fitted with fully functional draught beer taps, coolers and gas cylinders to allow you to pour your customers a cool, refreshing pint. This will all be set up for you by our professional team so there is no hassle to you! With a drink in their hand, the customers will be available for a chat about your new product or business idea which will stick in their mind as the best stand in the exhibition.

What drinks can I choose from?

There is a large selection of draught drinks that can be used on your exhibition bar counter. These can include a large selection of lagers, bitters and ciders such as Carling, Grolsch, Worthingtons, Boddingtons, Guinness, Magners, Cobra and Fosters as well as others. One of Mobile Bar Hire’s most popular draught kegs throughout the year but especially in the summer are our Pimms kegs. This already mixed beverage will have customers flocking to your stand throughout the whole exhibition.

What do I need to run this exhibition bar counter?
All that is needed to run this exhibition bar counter are 13 amp plug sockets to plug the strip lighting of the bar counter into and one for the cooler to be plugged into. Our staff will set up the exhibition bar counter, the tap, keg, cooler, gas and all other aspects of the draught beer system.

For more information on our exhibition bar counter hire, please contact a member of Mobile Bar Hire.