Ice Bar Hire

Ice Bar Hire

We have a vast range of ice bar counters and designs available for you to hire for your special event. Not only do our ice bar hire and sculptures become the centrepiece of any event, they are also great fun!

James Bond 007

This is a picture of an event at which we provided a Mobile Bar service along with a Ice Sculpture which was placed on the food table. The design was bespoke to the event which was based on James Bond.

Vodka Ice Luge

This is great for the perfect ice cold vodka shots (or any other drink you may like to try). Simply pour your spirit into the top of the vodka luge, watch it run down the ice (whilst becoming chilled) and pouring the perfect shot into your glass at the bottom.

Ice Bar Hire

The below picture demonstrates one of our etched ice bars provided to the X Factor. The bar was used to serve cocktails to the contestants at boot camp and had the logo etched into the front.

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