Island Bar Counter Hire

Island Bar Counter Hire comes in a lot of different shapes, sizes and colours. Your island bar will be the central point at your event with its LED lighting which will amaze your guests. Mobile Bar Hire’s island bar counter hire can cater for both indoor and outdoor events.

Our Island Bar Counter Hire has become very popular due to its uniqueness. The colours changing on the LED bar is perfect for events with lots of colour. With this circular LED Bar Counter Hire you can raise the bar for both private and corporate events.

With the work space for up to 10 bartenders, this bar counter is perfect for large scale events. The Island Bar Counter Hire is popular for exhibitions where companies want to show off their logo. Or weddings where couples want their names across the bar.

Personalise our island bars for birthdays and weddings.  Choose our Island Bar Counter Hire service as the detail within the graphic, added to buy the lighting. We’ve provided LED bars to a variety of venues which are both indoor and outdoor venues. Such as marquees, function halls and larger well known venues.

Bar Staff

Our Island Bar Counter Hire service bar staff are all experienced in their own parts of bar staffing. From bartenders who know how to pour the perfect pint. To cocktail mixologists who can create and infuse a range of spirits into cocktails.

We provide a huge variety of drinks, ranging from spirits, wines, champagnes and cocktails.
Our Island Bar Counter Hire equipment is a great way to add a final finish to your event. Included among our bar equipment are some essentials such as beer taps, mats etc. These essential will make your event look professional and add the finishing touches that you need. Not only will our bar equipment ensure you bar looks to part, it also ensures the smooth running of the bar service.

Our Island Bar Counter Hire Service is available to the entire of south east England. Including Kent, Essex, London and Surrey with a nationwide service also available.

To get more information about our Island Bar Counter Hire services please contact us.