Mobile Bar Hire Lewisham

Lewisham is a borough located in the south-east section of London. Lewisham is known for many things, such as the Broadway Theatre in Catford, the great restaurant Villa Moura and much more. Lewisham also includes the Mountsfield Park, and a great venue selection when looking to host a private or corporate event in the UK’s capital. Mobile Bar Hire Lewisham has helped bring to life many events, supplying the necessities to bringing life to a party, we deliver a great service where nobody will be left disappointed, but impressed.

The collection of mobile bars in our possession range from Tiki bars, LED bars, Plain bars, Chesterfield Bars, Ice Bars and Island bars, just to name a few. We are also able to provide a personalised touch to any bar of your choosing so that it may suit the needs of your event. Each bar has been designed and crafted by Mobile Bar Hire Lewisham, every bar being impeccable in the final form. Delivery and assembly of the bar can be providing by us; this is so that you will have more time and opportunity to focus on other aspects of your event.

Other services such as staff hire are also available for events. Waitresses are able to take orders and deliver beverages to tables, whilst the bartender will be able to provide service from the bar counter. Our selection of bartenders ranges from simple service, Cocktail Flairer, and Cocktail Mixologists. The simple service bartender is able to provide guests with simple beverages such as; beers, wines, champagne, spirits, and soft drinks. The Cocktail Flairer is able to combine charisma and skill to showcase tricks and moves whilst preparing and providing you a beverage. The Cocktail Mixologists is able to use his great knowledge of cocktails to make drinks to precision and taste exquisite.

The cocktails require ingredients for production, these ingredients can be provided by Mobile Bar Hire Lewisham, so that the task can be ticked off your list. We are able to arrange for you to have lager, cider, ale and craft kegs for to suit the taste and preference of any client. Equipment can be provided if needed for the event being organised, the equipment range from bar mats, draught beer taps and bar tidies.

For more information about Mobile Bar Hire Lewisham, please feel free to contact our sales team for any questions you may have for us to answer.