Mobile Backlit LED Bar Hire

Mobile Backlit LED Bar Hire service consists of backlit LED colour changing lighten bar counters.

These backlit bars are suitable for any type of event – corporate or private, inside or outside.

The Mobile Backlit LED Bar Hire service can be included in a package with drinks along with bar and equipment.

Your Bar can be run in a variety of  ways which includes a dry bar package which doesn’t include our drinks service.

A dry bar can include staff and equipment.

The free bar hire option means that payment for drinks are in advance and guests can enjoy free drinks.

Lastly, our cash bar hire includes our full package but your guests pay for their drinks on the night.

Our Bartenders are an excellent part of our service and we have a selection of four different types.

With our bar staff you will always have a bar manager to overlook what is going on behind the bar.

For more information on Mobile Backlit LED Bar Hire, get in touch.