Mobile Bar Hire Dulwich

Dulwich is located in the southern area of London, the majority of Dulwich is located it Southwark, and the rest is placed upon the borough of Lambeth. Dulwich hosts many great venues and places to enjoy a drink with many craft beer bars, cocktail bars and unique function spaces recently opening. Mobile Bar Hire Dulwich has provided many clients with services so that they were able to make their event one to remember through our range of bespoke drinks provisioning services.

Mobile Bar Hire Dulwich has a variety collection of exquisite bars. Each bar has been designed and created by our very own brilliant designers and craftsman so we can ensure the quality of your bar is to a top standard. Each bar that we own has the potential of complimenting different types of events such as weddings, birthdays, and other types of celebrations and festivities. The portable bars that we are able to provide range from; Chesterfield bars, Tiki bars, Ice bars, LED bars and personalised bars. Furthermore, we provide the extra services of delivering the bar, as also putting it together so that you won’t have to. Deconstruction of the bar as well as pickup is also an added bonus that we provide so that it is less hassle for you as our client – a hassle free experience is what we provide.

Mobile Bar Hire Dulwich is capable of providing staff for your event, all staff that we provide have been trained to maintain a high level of professionalism. The staff come in three types, the bartender is capable of providing yourself and your guest with normal beverages found on a bar and can pour the perfect pint. Another type of bartender that is available is the Cocktail Flairer; a team member who has the skill of showcasing manoeuvres and tricks with a suave style, the end result being a delicious cocktail. The final type of staff is the Cocktail Mixologists; a bartender who is rated with the grand knowledge of cocktails, being capable to create any cocktail to your imagination with perfect precision each time.

Being an area at the forefront of craft beers and cocktails, Mobile Bar Hire Dulwich offer a range of high end cocktail ingredients and craft beer kegs. So whether you are looking for a pale ale cocktail or a pint of refreshing craft lager, Mobile Bar Hire Dulwich has the drinks package for you.

If you have any further questions regarding Mobile Bar Hire Dulwich, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our bookings team.