Mobile Bar Hire Enfield

Enfield is a Borough placed in the northern part of London.

It’s home to many sights such as the Forty Hall, Bush Hill Park, and Millfield House.

It also hosts many great places for social interactions; Saathi, an amazing Indian restaurant, for example.

Fine pubs such as Jolly Farmers and The Red Lion line the streets.

Mobile Bar Hire Enfield has been active for many years, bringing excellent service to all.

Providing people with memories of happiness and joy.

We help to create events of many kinds, each one being a success.

No matter what venue in Enfield, Mobile Bar Hire can provide the service you require.

Whether it be a function room, marquee, office building or club.

Mobile Bar Hire Enfield has a grand collection of mobile bars, all crafted by our own designers and carpenters.

Our collection is very diverse, each design created to accommodate different types of events.

The bar collection includes bars such as Chesterfield bars, Island bars, Ice bars, Tiki bars, and LED bars.

Mobile bars are suitable for events such as weddings, birthday parties, stag do’s, and celebrations of any kind.

We also provide the extra mile of delivering and assembling the bars.

As also disassembling the mobile bar after the event has run its duration.


Staffing is also available to be hired for events, the staff consist of a bartender.

A choice of the type of bartender is available.

One choice would be of the simple service bartender.

This type of bartender will be able to provide regular drinks to a high standard which include; beers, spirits, and wine.

Another choice of a bartender would be the Cocktail Mixologist. This is a bartender who is capable of constructing a grand variety of drinks. They are equipped with a vast I.Q of cocktails and skilled with precision and charm.

The last of the three options would be a Cocktail Flairer. A bartender who is trained in the skill of showcasing tricks and handling bottles and equipment like no other. They is able to produce you a beverage whilst winning you over with his showmanship and charisma.

Mobile Bar Hire Enfield is able to provide the event with equipment as well as the ingredients for the cocktails.

We are also capable of providing lager, cider and craft kegs for a price the keep you smiling.

We pride ourselves with the service we provide, and accomplishment in partnership with new and current clients.

For any questions on Mobile Bar Hire Enfield, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.