Mobile Bars

Many companies and venues long for the experience of a personal bar at their event. However, many venues just do not have the capacity to facilitate such an experience. That is where our mobile bars come into the picture.

Mobile bar hire are put in place to give people an experience they will enjoy. Having a drink where they may not normally be able to get one. This is done with as little hassle as possible to the event organisers.

Mobile bar hire facilitate events that do not have the capabilities to have a permanent draught system. Festivals such as Reading and Leeds are based on acres of land and therefore cannot have a constant bar system. As well as these, marquee events are also structures that move around.

Types of mobile bars

There are many different types of mobile bars in all different kinds of sizes from 1 meter to very large bars.

These different sizes can be decided by the consumer and are usually representative of the size of the event.

A plain and basic bar can be ideal for a house party with a few guests to give them the ideal pub experience at home.

Mobile bars can range from the basic bars to LED and cocktail bars. The bars will move around the country supplying events such as 18th and 21st birthday parties i.

These kinds of mobile bars can supply cocktail bartenders to enhance the guests evening.

Mobile bars can also be sent to product launches in corporate buildings. Mobile bars can allow the company to place a logo onto each panel of the bar to allow them to promote their business.

Ice bars, which would usually be found in corporate events, are considered to be mobile bars. They are then beautifully sculpted into what the events organiser desires, it is then delivered to the event.

After the event the ice bar is taken away and dismantled.

The revolutionary mobile bars industry keeps growing and will keep growing for years to come.

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