Party Bar Hire

Parties can range from hiring out big venues down to the simple house party.

In recent years the number of house parties has been on the rise.

We here at Mobile Bar Hire believe this is due to the intimate nature and ease of organising the event.

House parties can range from a gathering of friends in a living room to a marquee event for a large number of guests.

Although many believe that house parties are the cheaper option to hiring a venue.

Most of all they can work out just as expensive with the hassle of purchasing all of the alcohol and equipment.

Many people believe because they are having a party at home, they cannot have a professional bar.

To add that touch of sophistication to their event, but they are in fact mistaken.


We here at Mobile Bar Hire have a range of party bars to hire. Including plain bars and cocktail bars that do not stretch the bank balance!

These bars look professional and sleek as well as bringing class and great atmosphere to any party venue.

We take all of the hassle out of your hands as we will do the work.

You can hire just the bar that will be delivered, set up.

And later dismantled where you can have the pleasure and experience of serving the drinks to your guests.

Another option is to hire a bar with bar staff and a range of beverages. This means you can relax as your guests are served by professionals to give your party the great edge and atmosphere it deserves.

You can have a free bar in which no money is handed over to the bar staff as the tab is paid for in one lump sum.

Or you can have a bar where money is exchanged as drinks are purchased.

Most of all, we here at Mobile Bar Hire want our services to help enhance your experience of private parties.

With all of our experience and expertise in the hospitality industry.

If you like the sound of our party bar hire service, please get it contact for any extra information.