Should guests pay for drinks at the bar?

The answer for this question really depends upon the type of event which you are hosting. To be quite frank, generally on the whole at birthday parties, anniversaries and retirements parties people do expect to pay for most of their drinks.

But on weddings and corporate events people do sometimes expect some or a fair proportion of drinks to be free.

Birthday, Anniversary and Retirement Party Bar Hire If the party is for a young adults 18th or 21st, we always advise the parents that if you run a free bar, some of the younger guests (approx 18 – 23 year olds) MAY take advantage of this although this is not always the case, we have known it to happen on a number of occasions.

As an alternative we do offer our customers the option of a part ‘Free Bar’, this can allow guests to have a number of drinks free. We have our own vouchers printed, which are only relevant to the specific event, these vouchers are given to the guests on arrival by the hosts of the party. Each voucher entitles to guest to one free drink from the bar. Payment for these drinks/ vouchers if taken from the event organisers in advance. Or the simplest was of running a successful mobile bar, is by having a pay bar from start to finish. This still gives the event organisers the option of simply coming up to the bar and buying drinks for certain guests etc.

At Weddings and Corporate events Mobile Bar Hire at weddings always varies depending upon the budgets for the event. As we all know, weddings are costly events and everything needs to be budgeted for. At some events we have run totally ‘Free Bars’, the drinks requirements are carefully looked at by our team along with the family and a suitable package for all is put together. This simply means that some money is paid in advance for the bar tab and then the balance is paid in stages during the event. By running the bar this way, the family members/event organisers have overall up to the minute control of the amount of money spent at the bar.

If the set amount of money is reached fairly quickly, the our team can switch to a ‘Pay Bar’ (Cash Bar) without any hassle providing the appropriate license is in place. This package can work in exactly the same way for corporate events or ANY other event if necessary. As above, we can also operate the voucher or ‘cash bar’ system as per your requirements.

Hopefully the above points can help you decide on which option of style of mobile bar hire package you go for, if for some reason you need further tips or advice, please feel free to contact us.