Pimms Keg Bar Hire

With the summer season bringing a huge host of outdoor parties, BBQs and festivals, the choice of drinks on offer has never been more crucial. You could go to the supermarket, purchase lots of bottled beers/ ciders etc. stock them in a large bucket with ice and serve them from a table – however, Mobile Bar Co believes this should not be the way things are done as bottled beer and cider do not keep the full taste Pimms Keg Hire of the beer and serving from an ice bucket will mean the bottle is damp and unappealing. That is why Mobile Bar Hire are offering Pimms Keg Bar Hire to all events up and down the country.

Mobile Bar Hire believe that draught Pimms is possibly the most refreshing summer drink available in the current market and having it on draught just adds to the crispness and flavour. Mobile Bar Hire’s Pimms kegs are ready mixed with lemonade so just need added fruit for the perfect serve. Each 11 gallon keg of Pimms served approximately 176 half pints – so there is plenty to go around!

Mobile Bar Hire can supply a one meter bar counter, branded with Pimms and a Pimms tap for your summer event. Our professional staff will arrive around an hour before the event to set up the bar counter, tap and connect the keg of Pimms ready to serve. They can then collect on a day suitable for both parties or can run the Pimms bar hire and take away on the very same day.

Supplying Pimms on tap will go down a treat with all of the guests at your event as it is a very unique touch to add as well as increasing the taste sensation that is felt by your guests as they savour every last sip from beginning to end. So do not follow the crowd. Do not serve from a table with wet bottles and soggy labels.

Hire Mobile Bar Hire’s Pimms Keg Bar Hire for use in events all over the country from London and the South East to Birmingham! Contact Mobile Bar Hire today!