Reception Counter Hire

Businesses up and down the country welcome their guests as soon as they enter the door with a big smile and a friendly hello. However, the reception counters are sometimes very bland and unappealing to the guests. That is why Mobile Bar Hire are offering bespoke and professional reception counters for hire. Our temporary (or permanent if you would like to buy) are perfect for the opening of new offices, new product launches or exhibitions.

Why have a Mobile Bar Hire reception counter? Mobile Bar Hire’s reception counters are fully mobile and therefore can be set up in any environment – from offices, to exhibitions to marquees and so are perfect for any temporary event that you may be holding.
Mobile Bar Hire’s reception counters come in one meter section and each section can be branded with your company’s logo/name/design which will ensure clients and customers will know where they are, who they are talking to and what your company stands for. This is a bonus for any business as brand awareness is key and with a personalised reception counter your brand is at the forefront of anything that happens – whether it be at an exhibition, product launch or if a client walks into your building and it welcomed from the reception counter.

Below are some of our reception counters available for hire:-
1. Reception Counter Hire:
A 2 meter reception counter used by Blue Keld at an exhibition. The strip lighting behind the logo illuminates the logo to ensure everyone can see the proud company name.

The branding attracted lots of potential clients due to its brightness and individualality.

2.Exhibition Counter Hire:
One meter section of a recption counter used in a shopping centre to promotoe a product to all shoppers withing the establishment. The company recieved a great recption from those who they spoke to and believed that the branding would really help their business and their ideas stick into the minds of their potential customers.

For more information please contact a member of our sales team.