Mobile Bar Hire Richmond

Romford is a large town located in the London Borough of Havering. Romford locates within itself the Raphael Park, a great landscape to behold. Being located within a stones throw of the UK’s city centre, it is the ideal location to host an event. Mobile Bar Hire Romford has helped contribute to countless events to make them full of festivity and joy. Mobile Bar Hire Romford has established excellent service with every client that we work with, we pride ourselves with the service that we offer.

Mobile Bar Hire Romford obtains a magnificent variety of portable bars. Our collection comes in many shapes, sizes and designs, so that it will be easier for you as the client to make a choice. Because of our many differently designed bars, any of them are able to suit any type of event. These events could be weddings, birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and any other type of celebration. Our selection of portable bars ranges from LED bars, Chesterfield bars, Tiki bars, Rustic bars, Island bars, Backlit bars, and many more. All of our bars have been designed and crafted by our very own talented designers and craftsman. Delivery, and set up of the bar is available, as also is the service of deconstruction and collection after your event has ended.

Another Mobile Bar Hire Romford service that we are able to provide is the subject of staff. The staff that we are able to offer for you to hire are drink servers, they are categorised into three types. The first type is the bartender, this is a person who is able to provide for yourself and your guests with drinks such as spirits, wines, beers, champagne and soft drinks. The second type that is available for hire is the Cocktail Mixologists, this is a highly trained individual who is able to create any cocktail that you request, each one being brought to precise perfection with a lasting delicious taste. The last but definitely not the least available for you to hire is the Cocktail Flairer, a showman in his own way, being able to skilfully throw drinks up in the air and perform abstract manoeuvres with bottles by using tricks and flips. Your cocktail flairer will dazzle you and end each performance with a tasty flavoured cocktail that will have you asking for more.

Mobile Bar Hire Romford does not just stop at the provision of bars, staff and drinks, we also provide a range of bar equipment to help with proceedings. Our bar equipment includes not only the usual additions such a draught beer taps, but the smaller, often underestimates add-ons such as bar tidies and ice buckets.

For furthermore questions that you may have regarding Mobile Bar Hire Romford please feel free to contact us and we shall be able to provide the answers for you.