Mobile Bar Hire Southwark

Southwark is located in the southern region of London, forming a part of inner London. Southwark is connected to London City by bridges that lay across the magnificent river Thames. Inside Southwark protrudes great attractions such as The Shard, Tower Bridge and Tate Modern. Southwark plays host to some of the greatest venues in London. With both private and corporate functions being held for a variety of celebrations each year. Southwark Portable Bar Hire has collaborated with many clients to generate fabulous events.

All succeeded in portraying joy and happiness as also establishing our magnificent service. Southwark Portable Bar Hire possess many creative and originally crafted portable bars. The vast selection of mobile bars is compatible with any event or celebration being held. The designs consist of LED bars, Tiki Bars, Ice bars, Chesterfield bars, Branded bars and many more.

The portable bar is a grand benefit to any celebration, and our collection will make any event a great one. We also have the addition of delivering, as also the assembling and disassembling the bar for you. This is so less stress will be placed on you. Bar front branding is a great way to add that unique touch to your drinks provisioning service.

Bartender Staff

Mobile Bar Hire Southwark is also able to contribute staff for you. The staff consist of bartenders – there is a selection of three types of bartenders you may wish to gain. The first option would be a simple service type of bartender.

This staff member will provide your guests with drinks such as beers, wines, champagne, soft drink, spirits, and juices. The second option is a Cocktail Flairer, a bartender who is rigged with the ability of providing you a show. Showcasing tricks and spins with the end production of a drink to quench your thirst. The final option of the three would be a Cocktail Mixologists, a bartender who has studied the art of the cocktail.

And holds the knowledge to be able to produce you any cocktail you desire to precise quality with great flavour. Mobile Bar Hire Southwark has a large array of keg hire options for smaller scale events.

Whether your preference is craft beer or premium lagers and ciders. We have the range and dispensing equipment to ensure you can enjoy the fresh taste of draught beer in any location.

If you have any further questions regarding Southwark Portable Bar Hire, do not hesitate to contact our sales team.