Wedding Bar Hire in Kent

A wedding is a glorious day where two people declare their love for each other and exchange vows. It is a day that is meant to go smoothly and without a hitch but there is so much to plan and think about. That’s why Wedding Bar Hire in Kent is here to help.

On the big day of a wedding, it is usual to spend huge amounts of money on bottled drinks such as beer and wine.

These bottles are then usually sat on ice throughout the reception, becoming wet and unpleasant.

Conventionally, these drinks will be set out on a table or served from behind the table. Which doesn’t give the greatest image for the bride and groom.

They are served by non-professionals who may not have the expertise to hold at such an event.

What we can do for you

Many wedding goers including the bride and groom themselves. Often long for a touch of class and professionalism at their reception and just do not get it with the traditional set up. That’s why here at Mobile Bar Hire we are pleased to announce our wedding bar hire. We want your day to be wonderful and pan out perfectly, and so will offer our services to you for your wedding. With the minimum of hassle to you.

Mobile Bar Hire we can bring a touch of class to your reception with a professional bar placed in any venue in Kent. The bar can be delivered, assembled and later dismantled so that all the work is with us. We can offer expert bar and catering staff that have a wide knowledge and skills.

The bar can be made to look like a permanent fixture of the venue and can fit in with the theme of the reception. We can supply all of the beverages for your event. Including draught beer, wines and spirits as well as mixers and non alcoholic drinks.

We can also take any orders of drinks that are wanted. We can also offer you a bar staff hire so you can relax with no worries. There are many venues in and around Kent that would be perfect for wedding receptions. Including Bromley, Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells and Dartford.

We can supply professional and stylish mobile bars to venues throughout Kent. This is to give you the best possible wedding reception with the minimum of hassle to you.

For more information on how Mobile Bar Hire can transform your wedding reception, please contact us.