Wedding Bar Rental

Mobile Bar Hire’s Wedding Bar Rental service is the ideal way to have drinks served at your wedding, ensuring that you have access to not only these drinks but the perfect bar counter, equipment and staffing to make a highly successful event on your big day! We have provided for a huge number of events in our time, most of which have their own varying purposes and needs and weddings have definitely been events where attention to detail is vital in our decade’s experience.

We have a large collection of bars available for our clients to choose from, ranging from our simple black bars to the highest quality LED, Ice and Rustic bar counters, among others. We also have bespoke bar options including branding on the bar front – which in this situation could include the Bride’s & Groom’s names among other possible designs – as well as entirely new bar designs in some circumstances. This range of bar counters helps us to fit our Wedding Bar Rental into your big day, furthering your enjoyment of the wedding.

Along with the bar counter we can also provide you with bar equipment designed to optimise these bars and get the highest level of functionality out of them. Included in our bar equipment are items such as optics, measures and pourers to ensure the quality pouring of your favourite drinks as well as bar-top equipment including runners/mats, bar tidies and more. Sundries and glassware are another aspect of our Wedding Bar Rental service commonly used by our clients. Getting hold of glassware for such a large event can be a lot of hassle, and we hope to help you with this problem by supplying the glassware ourselves along with other areas of the bar.

Our Wedding Bar Rental service often includes the hire of our professional bar staff. Many of these staff members have been with Mobile Bar Hire for years, and have grown in skill over time to their current level of professionalism and skill. We have a number of bar staff each skilled in their own particular area of bar staffing. This includes not only the serving of your favourite beers, spirits, wines and champagnes, etc, but also cocktail staff (mixologists and flairers) to mix and serve your favourite cocktails.

If you’re arranging a wedding and think that our Wedding Bar Rental service could help you out then feel free to get in touch and we would be glad to help you out!