What are the types of Mobile Bar Hire?

What are the types of Mobile Bar Hire you ask? Find out the below.

Cash Bar Hire

A cash Bar is a bar the same as you’d find in a pub (for example).

It means that you go up to the bar, buy a drink and pay for it there and then.

It is a popular way of running a bar without having to pay for the drinks in advance or run a tab etc.

This method is suitable for almost any style of event ie. Wedding, birthday or corporate etc.

What’s a Free Bar ?

This means that you would be paying for the drinks for your guests throughout the event.

At NO stage throughout the event would you guests need to pay for any form of liquid refreshment.

This too is a popular option for our customers and generally works very, very well.

How does a ‘Part Free Bar’ work?

A part free bar means that the event organisers can put down a tab towards the minimum spend.

This could be everyone’s ‘First Drink’, drinks for the ‘Toast’ or simply the first hour or so of the ‘bar running time’.

This too depends on the budget which is allowed to be used for the Mobile Bar.

What is Bar Management?

This means that we would manage the running of the bar with your drink.

If you have already bought your own drinks, it will only be a provision of the bar and equipment.

We would then run your bar for you.

This option allows you to still provide that professional service but also allows you to use your drinks.

We do always suggest that we meet together and give you an idea of the amount of drink that you may need to buy.

These are just a few bits of advice on some of our packages.

If you have an idea of your own, why not contact us and we’ll let you know how practical it sounds?