Wooden Bar Hire | Vintage Bar Rental

Our Vintage Wooden Bar Hire service is a lot more popular. This is due to people who are looking to hold an outside event or an event with no particular theme.

Wooden Bar Hire service is the finishing touch with a traditional look and its matching back bar.

This bar works for both indoor and outdoor events. You can hire bar staff, bar equipment etc

Not only can you hire the bar counter and staff in our dry hire service. But you can take advantage of the special look in a cash or free bar hire service too.

This bar counter is perfect for functions looking for a vintage look.

Our Wooden Bar Hire service staff are all trained to specialise in different areas of the industry.

Bar staff and equipment.

This means that whatever drink you decide, whether its cocktails or champagne. We have bar staff that can serve you your drinks and make sure the bar and your event runs smoothly.

Our staff for our Vintage Wooden Bar Hire service consists of bartenders, cocktail mixologists and cocktail flairers.

If you are looking to use our Wooden Bar Hire service for a bar, you’ll need drinks to be served for you and your guests.

Cocktails are very popular with this type of vintage bar counter.

If you are looking for a bar to be used outside, our Wooden Bar Hire service will be the best option for you. It’s appearance fits in perfectly with the natural world, but the bar can go indoors or outdoors.

The very final touch to add to your Wooden Bar Hire service is the bar hire equipment.

The equipment will ensure that any final touches to our bar is put in place. Include extras such as bar tidies, sundries, glassware and bar stools.

These are just some examples of the bar equipment that we provide for you with our Wooden Bar Hire service.

We do have more equipment if it is needed.

With our Wooden Bar Hire service we offer you a variety of drinks, to suit your guest’s tastes. Whether that be a range of premium draught beers and craft spirits to world wines and soft drinks.

For more information on our Vintage Wooden Bar Hire service, please contact us and we would be happy to help.